SatDB is Department 7 primary database protocol. Started in 1980 as a way of distributing data to field agents, SatDB has evolved to be the primary mechanism in distributing mission data, dossiers, and any data the field agent is authorized to access. The database itself can be accessed over cell data or if in remote location over the satellite system.


Many revisions to the protocol have occurred. Here is a brief history on the protocol

Initial system launch with all paper documents scanned and digitized. Satellite access was launched by the end of 1980.

Added ability to write and update records from a remote access device. A vulnerability discovered was also patched that would allow database access to unauthorized or unavailable users. The exploit at the time would have required numerous compute cycles, but if present today could be broken by any field agents smartphone.

November of 1987 created the first system wide outage of SatDB due to the effects of the Morris Worm . This issue would not be fully resolved until January of 1988. Field agents could still access data from their remote devices that were locally attached to the main network.

Updated UNIX system powering the database due to the effects of the Morris Worm . Though not open to the public, the virus had a magical component to assit in its spreading. Though reported that the virus was cleaned by normal means, Department-7 did send a counter virus to clean up the magical component.

Introduced secure cell access and internet access. This allowed for field agents to use cell access the database without requiring a satellite connection. Field phones are still equipped with a portable satellite antenna for remote access in area with poor or little cellphone access.

Created the SatDB intranet site.

This will mark a major revision in that all other legacy access will be disabled. Any devices created in 2013 will not be able to access legacy protocols. This will also signify the retiring of all legacy databases and that all of the data conversions of 2012 will have completed.


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