Back Story Requirements

These are the requirements for your back story.

1. How did you get into Department 7
Department 7 only recruits the best and brightest. What was your reason for getting recruited? Did you stumble into the job through some random happenstance or did Department 7 come knocking at your door because of some brilliant action involving Shadowkind? The choice is yours.

2. How you found out about the shadow.
All players within the campaign know about the existence of The Shadow. How did your character find out? Was it family related or did some strange occurrence happen? This can tie into your Department 7 story.

2a. How you know magic
If you are a magic users, let me know how your character picked up magic. Were you born with it or did you pick it up during your travels?

3. Any other important details
This can be any sort of details that round out the character, such as family, friends, mortal enemies. Anything that make the character real.

Back Story Requirements

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